September 13th & 14th 2019

8th International Patient Safety Conference 2019

Ms. KP Beulah

Mrs. Beulah Philips has done her Masters in Mental Health Nursing from Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences. She is a Poet, orator, entrepreneur and freelance writer. She has been a guest speaker at many Seminars and CNE’s. She is a passionate teacher and conducts classes for Nurses to inculcate Right Professional Practices in Nursing. She believes that Nursing is not just a profession but a ‘calling’ and her dream is to see innovation in her profession. She is also passionate about women empowerment and is an active member of international organization YWCA and held various responsible positions including the post of President of YWCA Hyderabad branch. She plans and develops Curriculums for summer camps for the overall development of school students.

Currently, she is working as Principal at MallaReddy College of Nursing, which is a part of MallaReddy Group of Institutions.

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