September 13th & 14th 2019

8th International Patient Safety Conference 2019

[ Leslee J. Thompson ]

Board Chair of the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement, Chair of Council of Academic Hospital Ontario, Assistant Professor at Queen’s University and a member of Ontario Health Innovation Council,

Armed with 25 years of senior executive and corporate director experience that spans multiple geographies and sectors including heath care, medical technology, government and retail, Leslee is a leader who makes things happen. Her clinical roots as a Registered Nurse continue to influence her relentless pursuit of quality and safety in health care, and Leslee has become internationally recognized for her work on partnering with patients to improve outcomes.

All of this makes Leslee the right leader at the right time for HSO and AC – two organizations on the move building global health care standards and innovative assessment programs so that people in their own jurisdictions can save and improve lives.