September 13th & 14th 2019

8th International Patient Safety Conference 2019

[ Dr.Sanjeev Singh Yadav ]

Hony. State Secretary, of Indian Medical Association Hyderabad City an active Surgeon, Has Worked in Many Capacities from registrar to an independent consultant in the field of general surgery also as Past President, IMA Hyderabad City Branch, Past Honorary Secretary. IMA Hyd City & NZB. He has performed an innumerable number of open and laparoscopic surgeries both in emergencies, trauma, elective procedures. He is having rich experience in anal surgeries & is amongst a few surgeons to have excelled in treating anal diseases. The only surgeon in Hyderabad to have performed a maximum number of Hal- Rar daycare, doppler guided surgery for piles with maximum success rates. He had joined as a consultant surgeon and uplifted stopiles clinic in Hyderabad. Only Surgeon to perform Laser Ablation of Fistulas, all types ie High, Mid and Low ones. 100 % success and as Day Care without Cutting or Wound.