September 13th & 14th 2019

8th International Patient Safety Conference 2019

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8th  International Patient Safety Conference 2019

Hyderabad , India

Apollo Hospitals Group proudly presents the 8th edition of the annual International Patient Safety Conference (IPSC). Every year the event marks the congregation of the global thought leaders, industry experts and healthcare practitioners sharing their experiences, best practices and new innovative approaches to patient safety. Moreover, the event is supported by various knowledge partners including Joint Commission International (JCI), World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH), the APAC Forum, World Health Organization (WHO), National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH), and Imperial College London. A must attend for healthcare professionals and aspirants alike, the event comprises a well-balanced mixture of knowledge-sharing sessions, key note presentations, panel discussions, debates, paper & poster presentations, making this a vibrant forum for exchange of ideas & knowledge, and providing an unparalleled opportunity to think, reflect and learn the best from the best.

The 8th International Conference on Patient Safety shall focus on the twin areas:

    • Defining a strategy for patient safety improvement.
    • Imparting technical knowledge on various patient safety areas.

Benefits of Participation
There has been over the past decade a growing awareness regarding harm that is caused to patients vis-a-vis the benefit that accrues from medical treatment. In the nineties various studies on errors and adverse events in health care institutions came into limelight and shocked the medical world into action. The frequency and magnitude of avoidable adverse patient event was not well known until the 1990s when multiple countries reported staggering number of patients harmed and killed by medical errors. Path breaking report by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Science, ‘’ To err is Human: Building a Safer Health system’’ gave a wakening call. Followed by this, many studies across the globe led to the emergence of the discipline of Patient Safety’’.

World over the patient safety has evolved into a global movement. Medical errors occur at a rate of 1.7 errors per patient per day in ICUs as indicated in the study in the United States. A million deaths occur worldwide from surgical errors. 1.5 lakh deaths take place form hospital acquired infections as indicated in study carried out in 2005.

History of medicine is replete with both serendipitous discoveries and horrific misadventures and the world today is deeply engaged in combating the latter. A study in the US revealed an estimated death of 2, 20,000 to 4 lakhs per year from medical errors and is the 3rd leading cause of death. Recognizing that health care errors impact 1 in every 10 patients around the world the WHO calls Patient Safety an endemic concern. The Patient Safety issues are all pervasive in the entire patient care process, systems, and sub-systems and across all specialties.

Against this backdrop Apollo Hospitals Group has over the past six years collaborated with International agencies and eminent authorities in the field of Patient Safety, both to learn about newer developments in the field as well as an attempt to help capture data of errors affecting Patient Safety in the Indian context.

The 7th International Congress on Patient Safety is being organized at Mumbai on 1-2 December 2017. This congress being organized by Apollo with JCI, ISQua, NABH, RCP, WISH, ISA, and many others as knowledge partners to spread the benefits of ‘Patient Safety’ throughout the country.

Patient Safety experts across the world would be participating in it to share their knowledge and experience. A well-knit programme covers presentations, panel discussions, poster presentation, patient safety awards and display of the most widely accepted Patient Safety tools.

The doctors of various specialties, Medical Administrators, Nursing leaders, Quality Heads, will be greatly benefited by the information and experience shared by International and National experts and speakers. With the kind of exposure, interactions, networking will certainly makes an impact on participants to adopt best practices and bring in a change in the health care systems. They can become an ambassador of patient safety in the change management mission and can bring in transformation of systems.

Who should attend?

    • CEO’s/ Director Medical services/ Hospital Administrators
    • Physicians
    • Nursing Directors/ Superintendents/ Supervisors/ Nurses
    • Technicians/ Paramedical Staff
    • Medical student/ students studying hospital administration
    • All other stakeholders and those who want to be involved in this initiative


    “Great job by the patient safety team at 5th International Congress on Patient Safety” – Dr. Sanjay Mehta
    “Speakers are remarkable at the conference” – Dr. Geetha Rani
    “Great to see all the proficient people in one platform” – Dr. Anupama
    “Spectacular show… looking forward to be part of next years conference” – Dr. Navneeth Kaur
    “Awesome stage to extract innovations in Patient Safety”- Dr. Murali